Tips on Getting Your Home Ready for a Whirlwind Packing Day

It's always nice when you have several weeks and plenty of spare hours to slowly work on packing up your home prior to a move. However, this is rarely the reality. More often, you're crunched for time and forced to pack up everything in your home within a day. This day of whirlwind packing is sure to be a busy, stressful one. But thankfully, there are a few things you can do to prepare for this day of packing, helping to make it simpler and less stress-inducing. Read More 

How To Pack Books For A Move

While individual pieces of paper take up an almost negligible amount of space, books and book collections can very quickly take up a massive amount of space. In addition, books themselves are fairly fragile and are susceptible to both water and physical damage. In order to ensure that your book collection is transported without incident and using the smallest amount of space possible, you should take some steps to adequately prepare your books for a move. Read More 

Creating A Relocation Budget: 3 Unexpected Moving Expenses To Keep In Mind

According to Home Advisor, the average American can expect to spend around $726 on moving expenses. If you're planning a move, formulating a budget is likely one of your top priorities. Whether you're planning on hiring a moving company or are doing much of the work yourself, there will still be hidden expenses you should factor into your final budget. Here are three unexpected expenses you should keep in mind while determining how much it will cost you to move: Read More 

Help Your Little One Acclimate to the New Community After Your Move

While moving to a new home may be exciting to you, your little one may not be thrilled about the prospect. Studies seem to indicate that moving can be tough on the mental health of children. For this reason, it's important to take steps that will help make acclimation to your new community less stressful and more enjoyable for your kid. Here are a few things you can do to get the job done: Read More 

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Residential Move

You'd likely love to have a residential mover take the stress and chaos out of your next move -- but often your budget isn't exactly unlimited. Fortunately, you can control how much your move costs while still benefiting from the skills and expertise of top-quality moving professionals. Here are some intelligent strategies for getting the most for your residential moving dollar. Save on Packing and Shipping Materials You may find it a great convenience to obtain all the necessary packing foam, cardboard boxes, protective blankets and other packing materials you need directly from your moving company. Read More