5 Tips For Moving To A New Apartment

Do you have plans to move to a new apartment, and you want to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible? If so, it will help to know these apartment moving tips. 

Arrange Your Moving Times With The Landlord

It's important to know that moving into an apartment is a bit different than moving into a home. You'll need to arrange the times with the landlords of both buildings for a couple of reasons. You may be required to use the service elevator, and they do not want two people using the elevator at the same time. The building may want to put up protective padding in the main elevator and hallway to ensure that things are not scratched. Not arranging a time will result in those things not being ready, which is not good for everyone involved. 

Know Where The Moving Company Can Work From

If you live in a small building without a service elevator or any special preparation, it's important to find out what entrances you are allowed to use to move things in and out of your apartment. You may discover that you have to move out through the alley and use the back entrance to your unit, or you might learn that you can use the front entrance if the distance is shorter. This can impact your moving day in a big way if things are not done properly. 

Identify Items That Go Into Storage

Chances are that your apartment has some sort of storage locker where things will be kept that you do not need all the time. You'll want to identify boxes and items that will be going into storage at your new location. This will make the move easy since all those items will go directly into storage, rather than having to move them yourself. 

Pack An Overnight Back With Essentials

If the moving day is long and you do not feel like unpacking everything when you move in, you'll want to have an overnight bag ready with all your essentials. This will help you find what you need right away instead of searching through boxes.

Be Courteous To Neighbors

While you may be in a rush to unpack, keep in mind that you do have neighbors in your new apartment. You do not want to make a bad first impression by staying up late moving furniture, unpacking, and making a lot of noise. Be mindful about how much noise you're making so you do not start off on a bad note with your new neighbors.