Which Option Is Right For You? Self Storage Containers Vs. Self Storage Rental Units

Should you choose self-storage containers or a rental unit for your next move? If you don't need to bring every box, bin, bag, or piece of furniture with you, take a look at the top questions to ask before you choose a mobile container or a traditional storage facility.

Do You Want to Keep Your Belongings Nearby?

While you can find a storage facility near your home, you can keep a container on your property. Unlike facility-based rentals, a mobile container company can deliver a storage solution to your home. Provided your local/community rules and regulations permit you to keep the container out in the open, you can place it in your driveway, in front of your home, or in another similar space.

On-site storage allows you to easily access anything you need or add unused items to the container. This means you won't have to waste time, energy, or gas driving back and forth between your new home and a rental facility.

Do You Want to Keep Your Belongings Far Away?

Even though a mobile contractor can bring a container to your home, you don't have to keep it on your property. Mobile containers are versatile, giving you more than one storage choice.

If you won't use the for-storage items anytime soon, consider a warehouse or other off-site option. This easy alternative allows you to keep your belongings safe—and won't take up precious space on your property.

Do You Have the Right Vehicle to Move For-Storage Items?

You need a van or truck to move everything into storage—especially if you plan to store furniture or large-awkwardly-sized items. If you don't have this type of vehicle, you'll have to spend extra money to rent one.

A mobile self-storage container eliminates the need for a rental vehicle. The container company or contractor will drive the mobile unit to your home or another destination. You can fill it and leave it or fill it and have the contractor move it to your new home for you. When you no longer need the container, the company will come to your location for a pick-up service.

Not only does a container eliminate the need to rent a truck to get your items into storage, but it may also mean you don't need to hire a separate moving company. Simply pack everything in the container, let the company move the unit, and decide what you want to leave inside (for storage) when you get to your new home.

For more information, reach out to a local self-storage container service.