4 Reasons You Should Hire Experienced Professionals When Moving Your Piano

Moving your piano can be nerve-wracking because of the risk of damage. However, involving a reliable moving company can make the process less hectic and much easier than doing it yourself. Whether you are moving locally or interstate, here are the top four reasons you should hire piano movers to move your piano.

1. Specialized Piano Moving Equipment

A piano requires special equipment to move. Without the right equipment, you might compromise the safety of your piano. Fortunately, the leading piano movers have quality piano dollies, moving blankets to prevent scratches, tapes, straps, climate-controlled moving vehicles, and plywood planks. They will pair this equipment with their extensive expertise to move your piano safely and effectively.

2. Pianos Are Heavy

Pianos are bulky and heavy musical instruments. With their heavyweight, you need trained hands to lift and move yours. You may decide to seek help from friends, but are they trained on the best way to do it?

Moreover, moving a piano to your new location might require you to navigate narrow stairs and spaces. Any slight mistake could leave you and your friends with severe abrasions, sprains, or other injuries. For that reason, you should leave your piano move to reliable piano movers with special moving equipment and trained professionals.

3. The Safety of Your Piano

Given the price and the delicate nature of your piano, you don't want to take chances when moving it. Without the right skills, you could drop and damage its finish, keys, lid, or legs. If you do, your pocket will bear the full brunt of it.

If you value your piano, entrust it to piano movers when shifting to a new location. Moving specialists know how to handle the piano with the utmost care it deserves. They will carefully move and load it into a climate-controlled vehicle, then strap and cushion it to avoid damages during transit.

4. Moving Insurance

Moving companies back their piano moving services with insurance covers. This means that they will ensure you get compensated for repair or replacement if anything happens to your piano while moving it. This is unlike when you decide to handle the move by yourself. In case of any damage, you will have to cater to the repairs.

Most people use professional movers when moving their pianos. If you want to save money and have peace of mind, be sure to hire the services of piano movers near you. They can take every step to ensure your piano gets to your destination safely. 

For more information, contact a piano mover in your area.