How To Store Wares, Furnishings, And Decor That Will Eventually Be Transported To Your New Shop

If you purchased a small building a couple of months ago and you are going to open a holiday shop in the building this fall, you may be faced with the dilemma of needing to complete basic repairs before moving inventory, furnishings, and decor into the shop and adjoining office. Temporarily store items at a facility and organize the items that will be placed in the shop while preparing for the grand opening of your business.

Get Your Wares And Accessories In Order

If you have some homemade holiday wares or inventory that you have purchased from a vendor, items can become damaged or lost among other materials if you do not take the initiative to organize what you have on hand. Contemplate storing the merchandise inside of a storage unit until upgrades at your shop have been completed.

Count the items on hand and log the amounts in a notebook. Label the materials and consider adding price tags to the wares so that you can place the items directly on shelving units once you are ready to move the items into your holiday shop. Acquire a climate-controlled storage rental and hire movers to assist with driving the items to the storage unit and moving them into the rental.

Seek A Moving Company's Support

Request that the wares are stored in one corner of the rental unit. If you are going to be selling ornaments, string lights, or other fragile items, purchase some packing materials and secure a layer of cushioning around the merchandise before requesting that the items are transported and moved into the storage unit. Label each of the boxes that contain multiple pieces and take note of the items that could potentially break.

Boxes or cartons that contain fragile materials should be stacked in a single layer inside of the storage unit. Place one or two pallets across a section of the rental unit's flooring before lining the boxes or cartons on top of the wooden surface. This tactic will help remind you of the fact that the containers needed to be handled with extra care on the day that the items will be moved into your new business.

If you have already purchased some decor and furnishings that are going to be placed inside of your personal office space or a portion of the store, ask that these items are placed toward the front of the rental unit to keep your possessions grouped together by theme.